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You can find us along a stream bank guiding a class of students collecting community science data. Or look for us in a city park, doing one-on-one tutoring, to help a young reader use nature as their classroom. Some days you will find us helping teachers design and implement inquiry-based science curriculum. If we aren’t in the field, chances are good we will be writing and crafting educational resources and whimsical wildlife-centered creations.

Based in the Rio Grande’s watershed and on ancestral and current unceded lands of Tiwa speaking Puebloan and other Indigenous people, we strive to provide equitable and accessible education as we work to be appropriate stewards of creation and good ancestors to those who will follow us. We do not always get it right, so let us know if there is something we can do better.

We are a woman and family owned small business and does not discriminate on the basis of anything. Come one, come all, let us learn together.

CanyonWren.Org LLC - where people, environment, and learning converge.

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