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Direct teaching for individuals, classes, and homeschool & other groups 


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supporting individual learners

Sometimes a learner just needs directed and individual support. We stand ready to listen to parents, guardians, teachers, and especially the learners themselves to design and implement a hands-on and joyful approach to supporting any person from pre-school through high school master concepts and content in Math (through Algebra 2), English, Social Studies/History, and Science.

We have supported individual student success for decades. Our ability to tailor our approach to a specific learner's needs, incorporate adaptive technology, and if applicable follow an Individual Education Plan (IEP) has been refined in both our own classrooms and individual tutoring sessions. Communicating goals and progress with a learner, their parents/guardians, and, as necessary, their teachers is foundational to our approach.    

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Micro/Home/Pod School
enrichment & content

Excellence in teaching and learning takes place in many settings including home-based schooling experiences. Whether it's a homeschool of one child or a mixed age group of children from several families in a microschool or learning pod we can provide educational enrichment activities or subject-based content and skills on a one-time or recurring basis to meet the specific needs and goals of learners, parents, and guardians.

Our experiences with homeschooling include having been a homeschool parent and cooperating and coordinating in a multi-family learning pod. We completely understand that homeschooling takes many forms. When parents and guardians want support teaching a particular subject area and/or specific skill or content element, we are happy to step in and be guest teachers.

Although our greatest expertise is in Science and Environmental Education, we have also taught English, Social Studies/History, and Math.

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Guest Educators
for classrooms/outdoors

We have stepped in as guest educators in pre-school through university level classes. We have trained, by example and focused support, teachers to build upon what we teach their students as guest educators. Even if we are only in a classroom once, we provide the skills and resources for continued learning and engagement with a topic.

As guest educators our work is tailored to support teacher requested focus on particular learning objectives/standards, hands-on and student centered, and a great deal of fun.

Our primary work as guest educators focuses on outdoor, conservation, environmental, and general science education. We have particular expertise in training teachers and students to conduct community (citizen) science. We do science that matters beyond the classroom.

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Environmental Education
for any type of group

From church youth groups to senior hiking clubs, scouts to adult poetry classes, and special needs learners to university graduate school students we guide discovery in the outdoors. We have and will continue to work with just about any kind of group. We learn and move forward together.


We are happy to design and implement environmental and outdoor learning experiences particular to the needs of any group. From general environmental awareness activities to conducting impactful actions to support a greener and healthier  human and environmental community - we have the experience and skills to create those learning opportunities for a wide range of people and groups. 

CanyonWren.Org is where people, environment, and learning converge.

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